Best Practices

The Louis D. Brandeis Center will be a source of “best practices” information, documentation, advice and analysis for university administrators, counsel, faculty, and others. We will provide “best practices” support on a wide range of compliance matters, including issues relating to non-discrimination policies, the First Amendment, academic freedom, communications, orientation and training.


Many university presidents, as well as a few public leaders and nongovernmental organizations, have provided strong examples of clear, firm, specific communications which can effectively address or avert anti-Semitic incidents.

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Anti-Discrimination Policy

A strong anti-discrimination policy should clearly articulate the forms of conduct that meet the definition of anti-Semitism.

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Freedom of Speech

When universities respond to hate and bias incidents, it is critical for them to adhere to legal and institutional norms regarding the freedom of speech.

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Academic Freedom

Various institutions have addressed how combating campus anti-Semitism fits well with academic freedom.

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Orientation and Training

A comprehensive approach to campus anti-Semitism includes not only legally correct policies but also appropriate orientation and training.