Kansas Governor Signs Anti-BDS Bill into Law

On Friday, June 16, Kansas Gov. Sam Brownback signed an anti-BDS bill barring state agencies from entering into contracts with individuals or companies that boycott Israel. The bill, HB 2409, first passed the Kansas Senate on Wednesday, June 7 in more »

European Sociological Association Passes New Anti-Boycott Guidelines

In August, the European Social Association (ESA), an academic association of sociologists and a non-profit Europe-wide association made up of over 2000 member scholars, approved ethical guidelines holding that “its members, conference participants and partners are not to be discriminated against more »

Israeli Apartheid Week: Anti-Semitism 101

With the annual “Israeli Apartheid Week” (IAW) upon us, self-described “pro-Palestinian” activists everywhere are getting ready to participate in events that will inevitably be tainted by anti-Semitic rhetoric. This is a foregone conclusion for more reasons than can be listed more »

Former Harvard President Larry Summers on Academic Freedom and Anti-Semitism

Remarks of Lawrence H. Summers Columbia Center for Law and Liberty January 29, 2015: I am delighted to help inaugurate this forum on academic freedom. Academic freedom is essential if universities are to succeed in their missions of creating and more »