A seventeen page document, leaked from a confidential neo-Nazi online chat room, presents stylistic tips to would-be alt-Right Nazi writers, including examples like: “[a]s Hitler says…all enemies should be combined into one enemy, which is the Jews.” The full copy of the document was recently obtained by The Huffington Post, which posted it in its entirety online. The document was reportedly outlined by Andrew Anglin, a notorious neo-Nazi who founded the online hate community Stormfront. Anglin, who allegedly supported attacks against a Jewish woman online, is also the editor of The Daily Stormer, the news and commentary wing of Stormfront. Anglin uses his platform to push anti-Semitic conspiracy theories, as well as give support for alt-Right aligned political figures.

The document itself, which acts as a style guide for would-be authors looking to write for The Daily Stormer, is full of racist speech, epithets, and conspiracy laden jargon. The guide highlights acceptable, and encouraged, racial slurs which should be used in writing any pieces. More than five different slurs for Jewish people appear on the list, along with many others directed towards African Americans, Latinos, and Muslims. Provided is a list of frequently used keywords for articles, among which are listed: antisemitism, Jews, Israel,  and AIPAC. In accordance with the principle of blaming Jewish individuals for all the ills that The Daily Stormer sees in the United States, the guide advises writers to “blam[e] Jews for the behavior of other nonwhites.” The guide elaborates on this point, arguing that “[o]f course it should not be that [nonwhites] are innocent, but the message should always be that if we didn’t have the Jews, we could figure out how to deal with nonwhites very easily.”

The guide also implores writers to use tactics that will aid in the individual targeting and harasment of Jews on social media. The guide advises that, “if you’re writing about some enemy Jew…link their social media accounts, Twitter especially.” The guide highlights that this form of “doxxing,” or revealing personal information about the subjects being written about, has led to “press attention” when individuals sympathetic to the Daily Stormer later harassed them.

The anti-Semitic and racist speech embodied by this writing guide is, luckily, usually relegated to a very small subsection of the internet. The Daily Stormer has also fallen on hard times recently, with their website losing hosting support from the major internet networking provider Cloudflare just this past month. Stormfront, and The Daily Stormer, are examples of what unchecked bigotry and anti-Semitic speech can lead to. While they are websites which don’t garner much attention from mainstream media, nor the average internet user, their influence on alt-Right discussions, as well as a volatile online fan base who is not afraid to harass individuals on their behalf, means their hate speech cannot be ignored.

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