The online instruction platform FutureLearn announced a new course that will begin on March 19th entitled “Antisemitism: From Its Origins to the Present.” This groundbreaking curriculum, designed by Yad Vashem—The World Holocaust Remembrance Center, is for anyone with an interest in the history of anti-Semitism. Offered over 6 weeks and taking only 3 hours per week, this free course uses articles, videos, peer reviews, and quizzes to explore a myriad of questions and issues relating to anti-Semitism.


Over 50 leading scholars from a variety of disciplines serve as instructors for the course, guiding students as they wrestle with fundamental questions such as: What is anti-Semitism? What happened to anti-Semitism after the Holocaust? How is anti-Semitism expressed today, and what are the main spheres in which it can be found? Included amongst the list of distinguished instructors is Louis D. Brandeis’ own President and General Counsel, Kenneth L. Marcus. Marcus, who has long been on the forefront of the fight against anti-Semitic bigotry and discrimination, was recently nominated to be the next Assistant U.S. Secretary of Education for Civil Rights. Drawing on his experience combatting anti-Semitism in higher education, Marcus, along with the other leading scholars, explore topics like the nature of hate, Holocaust denial, and anti-Zionism.


Designed for the casual observer and passionate historian alike, this course is sure to serve as a highly instructive and entertaining tool for anyone interested in studying the history of anti-Semitism. While instruction does not begin until mid-March, registration is currently open and discussion on social media using the hashtag #FLantisemitism is highly encouraged. Directing students as they uncover the complexities of anti-Semitism, FutureLearn and Yad Veshem’s collaboration is the newest preventative tool for combatting this deplorable form of prejudice.

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