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New Civil Rights Legal Fellows Join Brandeis Center’s Growing Staff
April 14, 2014

The Louis D. Brandeis Center for Human Rights under Law (LDB) today announces the appointment of two new civil rights legal fellows, Stephen A. Cohen and Aviva J. Vogelstein. Cohen and Vogelstein’s appointments marks the Brandeis Center’s continued expansion, as the Washington, D.C.-based civil rights group grows to face the resurgent problem of anti-Semitism on American University campuses.

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April 2014 Brandeis Brief : A Tale of Two Cities: Bad News in Ann Arbor, Good News in Brooklyn
April 2 , 2014

Several disturbing anti-Semitism reports are coming out of Ann Arbor, Michigan, and Brandeis Center lawyers are investigating. Anti-Israel activists failed in their efforts to convince the University of Michigan student government to adopt a boycott resolution.

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Students for Justice in Palestine’s actions at Northeastern U. raise civil rights concerns Jewish Week

April 1, 2014

American universities have long been a place of political engagement, where rhetoric far from the sphere of mainstream political discourse is often the norm. But the recent suspension of a pro-Palestinian student group has thrust Boston’s Northeastern University into a national debate on what constitutes free speech and what crosses into anti-Semitism and intimidation.

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Deciphering the ‘New’ Antisemitism: An International Scholar's Conference
April 6-8, 2014

Dr. Alvin Rosenfeld, a member of LDB’s Board of Academic Advisors, will convene this important international scholars’ conference from April 6-8, 2014, on behalf of the Institute for the Study of Contemporary Antisemitism at Indiana University Bloomington.

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Kenneth L. Marcus at UPenn Law School
April 2, 2014

On April 2, 2014 at noon, LDB President Kenneth L. Marcus will address the University of Pennsylvania Law School LDB chapter on "Civil Rights Advocacy: Combating Discrimination in Higher Education.” The event will take place at noon on 3501 Samson Street.

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Launch of Northeastern Law School Chapter
March 19, 2014

The Louis D. Brandeis Center for Human Rights Under Law is happy to announce the launch of its Northeastern law student chapter, located in Boston. The law school chapter initiative is the newest phase in the Brandeis Center’s campaign against campus anti- Semitism.

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Politicizing Education: Title VI of the Higher Education Act
March 19th, 2014

LDB President Kenneth L. Marcus will speak at the Endowment for Middle East Truth’s March 19 Capitol Hill seminar on bias and politicization in federally funded Middle East Studies programs.

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Review of Jewish Identity and Civil Rights in America

“Kenneth Marcus has given us a book that is thoughtful and impassioned, creative and careful, erudite and provocative. Everyone concerned about vicious anti-Zionism and antisemitism on campus should read it.” This is the judgment of Prof. Paul Burstein in his new review of Jewish Identity and Civil Rights in America (Cambridge University Press: 2010) for the current issue of AJS Review.

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Contact Brandeis Center Lawyers About Campus Anti-Semitism

Students and professors: If you are aware of anti-Semitic or anti-Israeli incidents on your college or university campus, please contact lawyers at the Louis D. Brandeis Center for Human Rights Under Law.

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Acclaimed filmmaker Gloria Greenfield teamed up with Emmy Award-winning editor Raoul Rosenberg to create this important film on the Brandeis Center and its campaign against campus anti-Semitism.

Kenneth L. Marcus, President of the Louis D. Brandeis Center for Human Rights Under Law, discusses the first round of changes made to Title VI of the Higher Education Act, and the failure of oversight which has left those reforms unfinished. He then discusses next steps to move forward with reform.
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Vassar And The BDS War On Campus
Petra Marquardt Bigman, Brandeis Blog
March 25, 2014

The anti-Zionist – and sometimes also anti-Semitic – website Mondoweiss recently published a lengthy report by the site’s founder Philip Weiss about a meeting that took place at Vassar in early March. According to Weiss, the meeting had been scheduled by the school’s Committee on Inclusion and Excellence in order to discuss guidelines for activism after persistent protests by Vassar’s Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP) against a trip to Israel planned by Vassar’s International Studies program.

Why the Jews Did Not Always Love St. Patrick's Day
Harold Brackman, Brandeis Blog
March 14, 2014

The “You Don’t Have to be Jewish to Love Levy’s Real Jewish Rye” ad debuted 50 years ago this year. Of course, you also don’t have to be Irish to march at the front of the official St. Patrick’s Day Parade. Unlike David Dinkins in 1993 and Bill de Blasio this year, New York’s Jewish mayors have never boycotted the Parade despite the running controversy over its exclusion of organized gay participants.

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Another Milestone For the Mainstreaming of Anti Semitism : The New American Foundation and Max Blumenthal's Goliath
Petra Marquardt-Bigman
This paper argues that, by providing a platform to Max Blumenthal for the promotion of his book Goliath: Life and Loathing in Greater Israel, the New America Foundation (NAF) bestowed legitimacy on a book that is, in effect, antisemitic because its author intended to convince readers that Israel should be equated with Nazi Germany.

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Law Student Chapter Fact Sheet - LDB is committed to combating anti-Semitism on college and university campuses across the nation.

Title VI Fact Sheet - Short Guide to the Law Against Campus Anti-Semitism

Best Practices Guide for Combating Campus Anti-Semitism and Anti-Israelism

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  “Marcus can feel proud of the singular role that he has played in helping to secure civil rights protections for Jews faced with anti-Semitic harassment and discrimination on US campuses.”

Anne Herzberg, NGO Monitor, in SPME Reviews and Recommendations (March 21, 2011)
If you are concerned about anti-Semitism on your campus, or if you seek advice about best practices, contact us.

Our attorneys and experts are here to help!
Campus Anti-Semitism
Over 40% of Jewish American college students report that they have experienced or are aware of anti-Semitism on their campuses. The U.S. Commission on Civil Rights has announced that campus anti-Semitism “is a serious problem which warrants further attention.” Campus anti-Semitism can include subjecting Jewish students to different treatment, harassment, violence or a hostile environment. In some cases, campus anti-Semitism is related to anti-Israel sentiment. In other cases, it is not. For most purposes, we define anti-Semitism according to the EUMC Working Definition of Anti-Semitism, as endorsed by the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights and U.S. Department of State.
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Advisory Board Spotlight

Richard Cravatts
Dr. Cravatts has published over 350 articles, op-ed pieces, columns, and chapters in books on campus anti-Semitism, campus free speech, terrorism, Constitutional law, Middle East politics, real estate, and social policy, and is the author of the newly-released Genocidal Liberalism: The University’s War Against Israel & Jews.
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